You Will Never Believe Which Pets These Historical Figures Kept

Who doesn’t like pets? They are often sweet, loyal and make sure you never feel lonely. And we are most certainly not the only ones who feel these ways. Many historical figures liked keeping a bird, cat or dog, too.

Many famous people from the past had one or more pets. Science Chasers put together a list of the best photos of historical people with pets. Read on on the next pages!

Salvador Dalí and Ocelot Babou

Salvador Dalí was a world-famous Spanish painter. He was famous mostly for his surrealistic art, like the painting The Temptation of St. Anthony. He even managed to leave a lasting impression on the world famous psychologist Sigmund Freud, who admitted that his opinion had been changed in a positive way thanks to Dalí.

Dalí was an eccentric man with eccentric works and an eccentric pet. The Spaniard lived together with his ocelot Babou. At the very least, they were both good at making faces!

Kurt Cobain and Kitten Quisp

Kurt Cobain gained fame at the end of the ’80’s and beginning of the ’90’s as the lead singer of the grungeband Nirvana. Partly due to the worldwide hit Smells LikeTeen Spirit, he became an international hit and was seen as the voice of ‘generation X’.

Cobain, too, liked keeping pets. He was often seen with his kitten Quisp.  On the photo above he’s playing with his young kitten.