Woman Forgets Her Whole Life Because of Epilepsy, Then Her Husband Makes This Heartbreaking Gesture

After years of having had a relationship with someone, you think you know that person completely. Every aspect, from their smile to their smell to the weird sounds they make when they laugh. Because falling in love doesn’t happen head over heels, you get to know the person you love very well. Therefore, it would be extremely sad if your loved one suddenly lost all the memories and all the love that you have shared. Unfortunately, this was not a nightmare, but the harsh reality for Steve Curto.


And no, Steve didn’t get divorced. The American citizen of Michigan was shocked when his wife lost both her short and long term memory. In one fell swoop, his wife lost the entire history of the couple. The first kiss, the first date, the marriage proposal, the wedding, everything. Steve had the feeling that he had lost his wife. But he decided to not just give up on her. He wanted to do everything he could to make sure that his wife could relive their great memories.

Moreover, Steve’s wife also had a little boy on her way. Life didn’t seem like a fairy tale long ago, but the fairy tale turned out to be too good to be true. Yet Steve wanted to make sure that he would get his wife back and he also wanted his son to have a good mother. Wondering what he did to get his wife back? Read it in the story on the next pages!