Woman Finds Something While Cleaning Her Kitchen, Soon After She’s a Millionaire


The work of art had never received much attention from the woman, who was in her 90’s by now. She thought it was just an old icon from Russia. She also had no idea where the thing came from and how it got into the hands of her family. She had almost thrown it in the trash, but someone else pointed it out to her and said it could be worth quite a bit. That’s why she decided to have the work of art, which was only 26 cm by 20 cm, valued by a professional appraiser. He was shocked by what the woman had brought with her, and perhaps even more so by the fact that it had almost ended up in the garbage. Because this was a great discovery!


The work of art that the woman had found was a very important work of art from the 13th century. The painting was made by an Italian painter named Cimabue, also known as Cenni di Pepo. The painting is called Christ Mocked and is one of the paintings in a polyptych that depicts the Passion of Jesus Christ. In the painting we see Jesus Christ being ridiculed shortly before he is crucified. The painting is an important Renaissance work of art, but it had been hidden for decades in a 1960s house north of Paris.

Cimabue never signed his works, so it was not easy to say that this painting was real. However, art experts in Paris were able to use infrared technology to confirm that it came from the 13th century and that it was part of a multi-panel by Cimabue, consisting of eight paintings. Do you want to know what the painting ultimately yielded? Read it on the next page!