Want to Win at Hangman? This Is the Hardest Word to Guess

What Are The Hardest Hangman words?

The question of course is: what makes a difficult Hangman word? What exactly are you looking for if you want your word not to be guessed? First of all, the shorter a word is, the more difficult it is to guess. A mistake many people make is that they always choose very long words. But this is often a lot easier to guess, because long words have more letters and therefore you have a better chance of guessing a correct letter.

Secondly, you have to look for a word that doesn’t have too many vowels and a lot of unusual letters like J, Q and Z. Words like ‘e-mail’ are very short, but people are often first guess the A, the E and the I and with that they have already guessed more than half of the word. ‘Quiz’ already scored a lot better in McLoone’s tests: the Q and the Z are of course very hard to guess. Unfortunately, two of the four letters are vowels and that doesn’t make this word ideal either. However, there was one word that met all the requirements. This word has only four letters, one vowel and three letters that are not often used. This word was the undisputed champion of McLoone’s simulations. The word was almost impossible to guess, no matter how many guesses the computer got.

The most difficult word, according to science, is ‘jazz’. This word consists for 75 percent of unusual letters (J and Z) and has only three types of letters in total. So if you take blind guesses, there’s a very small chance of actually getting it right. It is sometimes said that jazz is about the notes you don’t play. Very appropriate, because in the same way Hangman is about the letters that you often don’t guess.