This is What The Shape of Your Nose Tells You About Your Personality

Straight Nose

People would often describe you as a feisty person with a bit of a temper. You often switch between emotions and are not scared to say what you think.


Your emotional nature makes you follow your heart rather than your head. This can get you in all kinds of unexpected situations. Luckily, your intuition can also get you out of these situations.

Nose With a Small Bulge

People with a nose with a small bulge are often incredibly reliable. They love to support people and do not simply abandon others, even when things get a bit tougher.


In addition, you are really sensitive and very generous. Those with this nose also seem to have a large friend circle a lot of the time. That’s because you’re really social and, as we already stated, very supportive. People feel good and at ease in your company.

Nose With a Big Bulge

You are a true listener. If somebody is having trouble and they need someone to vent to, you’re the one they’re looking for. You’re a really good friend and always give support to those who need it.


You’re also very spontaneous and enthusiastic. This is a great combination and it makes the people around you more energetic and happier.

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