This is What The Shape of Your Nose Tells You About Your Personality

Snub Nose

People often think you are the quiet type, but they’re very wrong. You are witty and can therefore give an unexpected and funny twist to any conversation, something people don’t really expect from you.


You also know exactly what you want from life and instead of thinking about your dreams, you go out there and do your best to make them a reality.

Nubian Nose

The Nubian nose is a true problem solver. You don’t mind when things get tough and where others give up, you always manage to find the solution.


For this reason, people really appreciate you. Others often ask for your help, in part because you’re very helpful. Your optimism is also greatly appreciated.

Roman Nose

People with a Roman nose are often free thinkers. They don’t like falling in line and much prefer walking their own route. They can, therefore, be a little bit stubborn sometimes.


Furthermore, Roman noses are not scared to take a risk and will often stay true to their own principles and morals, even when others disagree with them. This can make others somewhat intimidated, but Roman noses will stay true to themselves even if it means pushing others away. Your nose can also tell you whether you have a temper, if you’re emotional or not and even how you treat others! Want to know more? Then read on on the next page!