For these 9 reasons you should eat beetroot every day

Red beets are known to be very healthy. They are packed with vitamins and fibre. Also, red beets are packed with minerals such as iron, potassium and copper, which are indispensable. The green part of the beet, which is often skipped, is also very healthy.


The leaves of the beetroot include vitamin K and calcium (good for strong bones and healthy teeth). But what do you really notice? What can actually happen to your body if you eat beets every day? On the following pages you can read all the positive effects that eating beetroot every day has on your body. Read on now!

1. It Lowers Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure may sometimes go up. Certainly if you have a job that demands the utmost from you, your blood pressure will not always remain at a healthy level. But what can you do about it? Very simple: beetroot! Research shows that drinking beetroot juice can lower your blood pressure within 4 weeks. Even a small amount, 250 ml (or 1 glass) per day can have a positive effect on your blood pressure.

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This is due to the presence of nitrates, which are converted by the body into nitrogen oxide. This in itself is not good for your blood pressure, but during this process the blood vessels expand, which lowers your blood pressure.