These 9 Drinks Can Naturally Eliminate Knee and Joint Pain

Joint pain can truly make your life a lot worse. It can be caused by a host of things, like stress, arthritis or injuries, but no matter the cause, the pain can be a real blight on your day. Your joints are obviously critical to the movement of your limbs, and not being able to move your arms or legs without significant pain can really affect your quality of life in a negative way.


Painkillers can be a solution, but these often come with side effects that you’d rather not deal with. Especially when there are natural alternatives that can help relief the pain, too! On the 9 following pages you will find different beverages that can all help take away the horrible pain you’re feeling in your joints.

Disclaimer: This information is not an alternative to professional medical advice. In case of doubt, find a doctor or, if you are lacking health insurance, you could try a doctor website to find a web doctor or online doctor to chat with a doctor for an online diagnosis.

1. Water

We’ll start with the most basic drink there is: water. Our bodies consist of about 70 percent water, so it’s pretty obvious that your body needs enough of it to keep functioning well. A lack of water can reduce the cushioning needed for your joints to operate soothly. Moreover, drinking enough water means your body will be able to flush out more of the toxins that cause inflammation that might very well be the source of your pain.


If you’re experiencing joint pain, aim for about 2 litres of water a day. Don’t bother with all the vitamin water that you can buy in stores: your body will get rid of all the extra stuff they put in there and these companies usually add sugar to their drinks.