These 7 Symptoms May Indicate Liver Cancer

7. Weakness and Fatigue

Fatigue is a common and often debilitating symptom of liver cancer. In some cases, it is the tiredness that the patient primarily sends to the doctor. But sometimes liver cancer patients only experience extreme fatigue weeks after their cancer has been diagnosed.


There are various causes for this fatigue. One of the most common is anemia: tumors can spread to the bone marrow and cause anemia. Tumors can also release toxins that disrupt the normal function of body cells. If the cancer has been diagnosed, the cancer medication can also cause fatigue.

Do I Really Have Liver Cancer?

Of course, the aforementioned symptoms do not always indicate liver cancer. They can also point to other conditions, such as liver diseases that are not malignant. Nevertheless, it is important to take the complaints seriously. Especially if the symptoms do not decrease or even get worse, it is wise to visit the doctor. In the case of jaundice, bleeding or a rapidly thickening abdomen, you shouldn’t waste any time and visit a doctor immediately.


Moreover, the liver cancer can have nasty side effects. This is because the liver makes toxic substances harmless. As the tumor grows, the liver’s functioning is impeded. As a result, toxic substances can accumulate, both in the liver and in the rest of the body. This in turn can have serious consequences, especially if the toxins accumulate in the brain.