These 7 Symptoms May Indicate Liver Cancer

1. Pain in The upper Abdomen on The Right Side or Near The Right Shoulder Blade

With liver cancer, pain can sometimes occur in a very specific place. When you feel pain in the upper right of your abdomen, where your liver is, that can be cause for concern. Pain in this area can even occur before the other symptoms are visible. Usually the pain becomes more intense when you put pressure on the area where it hurts, for example by pushing on it with your hand.


However, these pains do not always mean that you have liver cancer. The pain can also be caused by other health problems such as hepatitis, gallbladder or pancreas problems. Still, if you feel this pain, you’d rather be safe than sorry, so see a doctor when you can.

2. You’re Less Hungry

Obviously, you are less hungry when you are sick in general. You are often more sensitive to smell and taste and the aforementioned pain often doesn’t really improve your appetite either.But believe it or not, there is another specific reason why liver cancer patients are often even less hungry. That has to do with the excess fluid in your belly.

This condition is called ascites and is fairly common in liver cancer patients. Symptoms of ascites include a larger abdomen, sudden weight gain, abdominal pain and shortness of breath. And because of the accumulation of liquid you also feel a lot saturated faster than normal.