These 7 Symptoms May Indicate Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is cancer of the liver. This cancer is not very common, but can be very serious. Malignant tumors in the liver can continue to grow or spread into another type of cancer. For example, this can cause colon cancer in the liver, which is not the same as liver cancer. The liver cancer that we are going to discuss in the following article is also called primary liver cancer.


Different Types of Liver Cancer

There are different forms of liver cancer. By far the most common form of liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma, also known as HCC. 90 percent of liver cancer patients have this form. This originates from the most common cells in the liver, hepatocytes. In addition to HCC, cholangiocarcinoma, cystadenocarcinoma, hepatoblastoma, liver cell sarcoma and certain mixed forms of liver tumors also occur. However, these are so rare that we will no longer talk about these forms in the following article and that we will refer to HCC as liver cancer later on.

With liver cancer, the tumor often occurs in multiple places in the liver. As the tumors grow, they can grow into the blood vessels, adrenal glands, diaphragm, or colon. It is therefore important to identify liver cancer in time, so that doctors can intervene when the cancer has not yet spread or grown. But sometimes it can be difficult to recognize liver cancer. To help you with this, on the following pages we will discuss 8 symptoms of liver cancer. If you recognize one or more of these symptoms, it may be a good idea to go to the doctor or oncologist.

Disclaimer: This information is not an alternative to professional medical advice. In case of doubt, find a doctor or, if you are lacking health insurance, you could try a doctor website to find a web doctor or online doctor to chat with a doctor for an online diagnosis.