Remember Her? This is What Brigitte Bardot Looks Like Now

In the 1950s and 60s, Brigitte Bardot was a real icon. She was a French fashion model, actress and singer and had the reputation that she was wild and a bit naughty. Many people saw her as the French Marilyn Monroe and eventually she became world famous. In total, she has played in 47 films, recorded more than 60 songs and has also participated in various musicals. She has even written five books, the last one – Pourquoi? – only came out 13 years ago. But despite her impressive oeuvre and her enormous beauty, she has never won a prize. She came closest in 1965: for her role as Maria II in Viva Maria! from director Louis Malle, she was nominated for a BAFTA award for best foreign actress.


Of course this was all decades ago: her career in the film industry and her work as a singer stopped in 1973 and the star has now become a lot older. That is no surprise, because despite her status as a world star, she has had a difficult life. She has had three turbulent marriages with millionaires and businessmen and has even survived breast cancer. She is now 82 years old. Do you want to know what she looks like now? You can see that on the next page!