He Encounters an Old Closet In His Grandpa’s Home – What’s Inside Reveals a Decades Old Secret


Luckily for Todirerl, the safe wasn’t empty. He found an object wrapped in a cloth. Alongside it was a note.

Naturally, Todirerl immediately grabbed the note. It was written by his grandfather, who had already passed away by the time he found this.


The note read a simple, yet funny message. Todirerl’s grandpa had written “Abandon all regret, ye who enter here.” It seems like a strange message, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The message is a play on a passage from the play Dante’s Inferno. In it, the message “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” is scrawled above the gates of hell. “This is his way of playing around”, explains Todirerl.

Leather Pouch

Todirerl kept looking and wanted to see what was inside the cloth. When he removed it, he found a leather pouch. He immediately saw that it wasn’t just a normal pouch.

That’s because there was a seal on the pouch. It was pretty vague, but he could make out that the pouch came from the year 1776. But what he found in the bag might just be even more amazing.

Pocket Watch

The first thing Todirerl encountered, was an authentic pocket watch! It was in great shape despite its age, probably because it had been protected by the cloth. It was a special cloth, issued by the British army.

The watch already had history lovers and collectors in awe, but Todirerl was about to find much more!