He Encounters an Old Closet In His Grandpa’s Home – What’s Inside Reveals a Decades Old Secret

Messy garages and overstuffed attics can be nightmare fuel for those that strive for a clean and tidy home. But they can also be very interesting, as sometimes the most beautiful things can hide between all the junk. This is exactly what happened to a user of the website Imgur when he was exploring his grandparents’ home.

He was looking around in the ceramics room of his grandparents, which was full of both finished and unfinished art projects. He also found an old closet. When he opened it, he found something shocking! Read on on the next pages!


A user of the website Imgur, who calls himself Todirerl, writes that he was looking around in his grandparents’ house. He was sniffing around in the ceramics room of his grandmother, which was full of all kinds of homemade artworks.

That’s when he suddenly noticed the closet in the back of the room. He was immediately curious about what would be inside and decided to go and take a look. His curiosity would be rewarded.

False Bottom

The closet looked very normal, but it wasn’t. Todirerl discovered that the closet had a false bottom. Underneath it, he found a rectangular space that appeared to be full of gravel.

But he know there was more to this secret compartment. Why would it be so well hidden otherwise? That’s why he started swiping the grind away. Then, he discovered something fantastic.