For these 9 reasons you should eat beetroot every day

2. Beetroot Helps Prevent Cancer

According to a Howard University study, beetroot has the potential to help prevent breast and prostate cancer. Another study from the same university established a link between red beet intake and a reduced risk of sking and lung cancer. And there have been countless studies that have shown the anti-cancer effects of beetroot.

This great health benefit is due to the presence of betaine in beetroot. This substance appears to significantly reduce the cell division of cancer cells.

3. Beetroot is Good For The Liver

The presence of calcium, betaine, B vitamins, iron and antioxidants make beetroot one of the best types of food for your liver. In addition, red beets also dilute your bile, making it easier for flow within your small intestine and liver and this makes your liver even healthier.


In addition, the zinc and copper found in beets ensure that the liver cells are more resistant to so-called ‘oxidative stress’. This condition can cause your DNA to be damaged.

4. Beetroot Gives You More Energy

Studies have shown that beetroot helps in more efficient muscle metabolism, so that you can workout longer. For example, there was a study of men between the ages of 19 and 38, and the men who drank half a litre of beetroot juice every day could cycle 16 percent longer than the men who did not have any beetroot juice. Again, this effect is due to the nitrates.


According to scientists, the nitrates in beets ensure improvement in blood circulation and hormone levels. Which, in turn, ensures that you get more energy. Another study concluded that runners on average run faster (about 41 seconds on 5 kilometres) if they had eaten beetroot.