Dog Stares Out The Window Every Day. When Owner Realizes Why, She Puts Up This Sign


Kacy did everything to cheer up her dog, but nothing seemed to help. She played with him, often went for a walk with him, and even bought him new dog toys. But it all made little difference. Although Kacy tried doing everything to cheer up her dog, he continued to grumble and did not respond at all to the gestures of his owner.

Kacy decided to take a risk. She was fed up with the sad behaviour of her dog. She could hardly do anything for her dog anymore, but she knew she could try one more thing. It seemed strange, but she knew this was her last resort.


Although many people would have probably already thrown in the towel, Kacy did not. Kacy is a self-proclaimed animal lover and wanted to make her dog happy again at all costs. She knew what she had to do. It might seem a bit strange, but she knew exactly what would make her dog happy again.

She decided to take a chance and contacted her neighbour about the cat. She knew that since the neighbour’s cat was no longer visible, her dog had been sad. That had to be the cause of her dog’s grief. She very much hoped it would work. It seemed a bit insane, but her neighbour gave an amazing reaction! He did not want to stand in the way of the happiness of Kacy’s dog and true love.