Dog Stares Out The Window Every Day. When Owner Realizes Why, She Puts Up This Sign

To The Vet

The strange behavior of Kacy’s dog did not stop, so she decided to go to the vet. When she was at the vet’s, she told the whole story: her dog had been staring out the window to look at the neighbour’s cat for weeks. The vet laughed. He then asked about everything that normally affects a dog’s health: food, changes in sleep, and how active he was. Eventually Kacy’s dog turned out to be in excellent health. He had had all the necessary vaccines too.

But despite the fact that there was nothing wrong with the dog, he continued to behave strangely. Kacy’s dog used to be cheerful and energetic, but now that seemed completely gone. He remained lying on the floor and continued to make a depressed impression.


Even when Kacy returned from the vet, the dog ran back to the spot on the floor where he had been recently. He didn’t even bother looking out the window! Kacy knew something was wrong, so she decided to look out the window.

She saw that suddenly all kinds of pot plants were standing in the windowsill of the neighbours. This blocked her view and her dog could no longer see his cat friend. She was kicking herself: how had she not noticed this before?! She had to and would cheer up her dog and decided to resolve this situation.