Dog Stares Out The Window Every Day. When Owner Realizes Why, She Puts Up This Sign


It was clear to Kacy that her dog was paying attention to the neighbour’s cat. Now the question for Kacy was whether the neighbours’ cat was giving her dog just as much attention. She took a look and what do you think? The cat stared back at the dog. She watched and watched for days as her dog and the neighbour’s cat stared at each other for hours at a time. She couldn’t helpt but smile.

Yet she still couldn’t completely believe what she saw. Not surprising, because it is hard to believe that a dog and a cat who only see each other through a window can bond. Was she seeing ghosts? Did she see things that were not there at all? Or was the bond she saw between the animals real? She had to find out no matter what.


Kacy got very used to seeing her dog staring out the window at her neighbour’s cat. But one day when she went down the stairs and looked at her dog and she immediately realized that something was wrong. Her dog was not standing by the window, but was lying on the floor instead. He looked sadly at Kacy. Maybe her dog was ill.

Kacy looked at her dog’s food bowl and noticed that it was still full and that her dog had not eaten a lump of dog food. She decided to wait a few days to see if her dog’s unusual behavior continued. Was he really ill or was he just feeling a bit down?