Dog Stares Out The Window Every Day. When Owner Realizes Why, She Puts Up This Sign

Dog and Cat

During her day off, Kacy decided to watch television. As she watched, Kacy saw her dog stare out the window at the neighbour’s window and the neighbour’s cat was in full view. The cat also sat by the window and even seemed to be staring back at her dog. And this didn’t go on for just a couple of minutes: Kacy’s dog sat by the window for no less than two hours. When she went to look, she saw that the neighbour’s cat had rolled itself into a ball and had gone to sleep. She thought it was strange what her dog did, because earlier encounters had shown that her dog was not exactly a cat lover.


Most don’t believe that dogs and cats can ever go together. Many people think that they come from completely different worlds. But in the end they are not as different as you might think and they even have a number of things in common. They share quite a few characteristics and can therefore get along well. The rumours that cats and dogs cannot be friends are simply not true. Does this sound unbelievable? Then you haven’t seen anything yet. Continue reading the story and your world will be turned upside down. After this story, you too will believe that love between cats and dogs is possible. Even the love story of the famous Disney movie Lady and The Tramp is nothing compared to this story.