Dog Stares Out The Window Every Day. When Owner Realizes Why, She Puts Up This Sign

A Special Look

Kacy’s dog stared out the window every day. This started to stick out like a sore thumb to the dog’s owner. In the beginning, she didn’t think too much about it. Dogs stare sometimes, it happens more often. Maybe he was staring at another dog or just staring at the traffic outside. And maybe the dog was just staring outside because he wanted to go outside. But when she looked better, she saw that that was not the case.


She saw that her dog was staring at something very specific. The dog didn’t look around, but his attention was fixed on one point. So it wasn’t the driving traffic that interested her dog. Then what? A person? A thing? What could hold her dog’s attention for so long?

Kacy really had no idea. She wasn’t always home either, so it was hard for her to see what was so fascinating to her dog. She was often shopping or working to make ends meet. But then she decided to take a day off to see what her dog was doing now. At first she thought it was a squirrel. But there was no squirrel around. Kacy therefore decided to dig deeper and solve the mystery once and for all. It would lead to a shocking, but also moving discovery.