Dog Stares Out The Window Every Day. When Owner Realizes Why, She Puts Up This Sign

Every day, Kacy’s dog stared eagerly out the window. He did that three times a day. His unyielding and serious look always had the exact same focus: the neighbor’s living room. Kacy, a proud pet owner, initially thought her dog just wanted to go outside for a walk. But in the end that turned out not to be the case. Because if she wanted to pull him away to go for a walk, that didn’t work. Every attempt to pull the squeaking dog away from the window had been futile time and time again. But in the beginning, Kacy did not think anything of the strange behaviour of her dog.

But later she started to get curious. What was the dog looking at? Kacy had absolutely no idea how to help her dog. But after a year, her neighbor, who had been ‘stalked’ for a year by Kacy’s dog, did something that made Kacy’s dog behave strangely. And then Kacy made a shocking discovery.


As with people, there is really only one reason why we should do something ridiculously irrational as staring out the window every day for a year. It appears that people and their pets are really not that different. That reason, of course, is love. Now you’re probably thinking to yourself: “Animals cannot fall in love!” And if you think like this, you’re certainly not alone. Many people do not believe that animals can fall in love like us. But the following story proves the opposite. After reading this story you will also believe in animal love.