Do You Suffer From Neck Pain? With These 8 Tips, You Can Easily Get Rid of It Without a Doctor

7. Try Doing a Number of Stretching Exercises Daily

Stretching can help reduce the pain and stiffness in your neck and prevent it in the future. It is important to stretch slowly and consciously.Very fast and sudden movements can be painful and cause inflammation and injury. It is also good to stretch a heating pad on your neck or take a warm shower before stretching.

There are a number of exercises that you can do for your neck. Below are 3 simple exercises that you can do from home:

  • Roll your shoulders from back to front so that you make a circular motion with your shoulders;
  • Press your shoulder blades together. Hold this position for a few seconds, relax for a moment and start again from the front;
  • Move your head slowly from one shoulder to the other. With this exercise you feel more stretching than with the others: as long as you do not go too far, this is good.

Repeat these exercises a few times daily and you will find that you will have less neck pain.

8. Try to Adjust Your Sleeping Habits

The way you sleep can cause you neck pain. If you want to do something to be sure that you reduce the stress on your neck as much as possible during your sleep, you can make various adjustments. A neck pillow and a firm mattress can ensure that your posture improves during your sleep and that you will get out of bed with less pain.


Sleeping on your back or side can help with this, too. Sleeping on your stomach is very bad for both your neck and back and is therefore not recommended. In addition, relaxation before going to sleep (so that you sleep better and fall asleep less tightly) can help and people who often grind their teeth in their sleep can best wear a mouthguard.