Do You Suffer From Neck Pain? With These 8 Tips, You Can Easily Get Rid of It Without a Doctor

3. Alternate Between Cold and Heat

A well-known rule to get rid of muscle and joint pain is “first 48 hours of ice, then heat.” A combination of cold and warmth can greatly relieve local pain from muscle and joint strain. The ice slows swelling and inflammation and acts as a local painkiller. However, these effects stop after 48 hours, or two days.


This is when you should switch to heat. Heat has completely different effects that are also good for your muscles. The heat will, especially after the earlier cold, ensure a better blood flow. Moreover, the heat also prevents cramping. So if you suffer from neck pain, it is smart to cool your neck with cool packs for the first 48 hours and then heat it with a hot water bottle.

4. Less stress

Stress may cause you to tighten the muscles in your neck for no reason. As a result, it can sometimes help to reduce stress if you suffer from neck pain and a stiff neck. There are of course different ways to reduce stress. It often differs from person to person what works and what doesn’t.


A number of popular ways to get rid of stress are listening to music, meditating or simply taking a vacation. Even a short break of half an hour or an hour can make a lot of difference. See what works well for you and try to ‘de-stress’ where possible.