Do You Suffer From Neck Pain? With These 8 Tips, You Can Easily Get Rid of It Without a Doctor

1. Drink Enough Water

The discs between the vertebrae in your spine need water to maintain a good height and shape and to reduce the pressure of the spine. Each individual neck vertebra contains approximately 80 percent water at birth. Although this ratio decreases as we get older, water remains an important part of the spinal cord and therefore it is important for your back and neck to drink enough water.


Ultimately, drinking enough will make sure your neck stays healthier for a longer time. This reduces your neck pain. However, it is difficult for some people to get into the habit of drinking enough water. We have 2 tips for these people: first, it can be useful to have a bottle of water on you at all times. When you do this, you are constantly reminded of the fact that you have to drink water. In addition, it can be smart to connect drinking water to certain habits that you have already built. For example, if you drink a glass of water after every time you brush your teeth, it will eventually become a habit, just like brushing your teeth itself.

2. Be Careful How You Use Your Phone

You sometimes do not even realise that you are putting pressure on your neck. For example, using your mobile phone in some ways can cause neck pain or aggravate your existing neck pain. For example, many people call while they are doing something else. To keep both hands free, they clamp their phone between their shoulder and ear. As a result, you unnecessarily burden your neck and shoulders. An increasingly bigger problem is the so-called text neck: a pain that is caused by constantly looking down to text, Whatsapp or surf the internet.


Fortunately, you can take different measures for both problems. For example, you can take a Bluetooth headset to make hands-free calls without having to burden your neck and back. As for the text neck, hold your phone up while scrolling so you don’t have to look down to see your screen. In addition, it is advisable to regularly take a break from your phone to stretch your neck.