Archaeologists Solve The Pyramids’ Mystery After Thousands of Years

The pyramids of Giza are without a doubt one of the best known and most extraordinary constructions ever built. They are large and impressive and it’s fun to be photographed with the pyramids in the background. But the pyramids are also covered in mystery. For centuries people have had questions about the pyramids that cannot be answered. Why were the pyramids built, for example? And perhaps even more importantly, how?


The pyramids would be difficult to build, even with current technology, so how were people ever able to do that 4500 years ago? Thanks to a great discovery, we might now have answers to these questions. Read about it further on the following pages!

Historic Details

For some time now, Egyptologists have made a number of assumptions about the pyramids that are already considered true. The general consensus is that they were commissioned by pharaohs, who hired the best architects to have them built. They were then built by slaves.


Reasonable agreement has also been reached on the techniques used. According to many, the workers would have used copper chisels to get stones in the desired shape. Then the end product was brought to the place where it was supposed to be. But is this really how it went?