9 Symptoms Your Body Urgently Needs Help

Sometimes, you can be ill or have a deficiency without you even knowing. However, just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean you can’t know. Often, your body will give you signs in advance that it might need some help. Many times, when your body needs help, it will ask for it by giving you some subtle (and sometimes not very subtle) signs.


Many of these symptoms are sadly ignored, even though they can tell you that your body is having problems before the problems get too serious. Here are 9 of these symptoms that your body urgently needs help. Read on on the next pages!

Disclaimer: This information is not an alternative to professional medical advice. In case of doubt, find a doctor or, if you are lacking health insurance, you could try a doctor website to find a web doctor or online doctor to chat with a doctor for an online diagnosis.

1. Persistent Dry Skin

Your largest organ is without a doubt your skin. And, like with any organ, sometimes it can have problems. One of these problems is dry skin. The skin can crack, itch and scale, causing minor to severe discomfort.


Usually, this is caused by a vitamin E deficiency. Luckily, these symptoms are easy to alleviate. You can try adding more food rich in vitamin E to your diet, like fish, nuts and healthy oils. Or, if this proves to be too difficult, you could try a vitamin E supplement.

2. Brittleness of Hair and/or Nails

Like with dry skin, brittle hair and/or nails can indicate a nutrient or vitamin deficiency. Low levels of vitamin B or calcium are usually the cause of the brittleness, causing these areas to scale, dry or crack.


Again, the solution is usually quite simple: try adding more whole grains, legumes or potatoes to your diet, as well as drinking more milk. And, of course, if this proves to difficult, you could also try a vitamin B supplement.

3. Increased Desire/Consumption of Sugary Foods

The craving for sugar, much like any other cravings for unhealthy foods, is usually an indicator of a lack of proper dieting. We know it’s hard, but it’s definitely a craving you should try to suppress as much as possible, as too much sugar can cause diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular problems.


Try eating more leafy greens and eating healthier in general. Drinking water instead of sodas and other sugary drinks also helps.

4. Psoriasis

Much like other skin problems, like the aforementioned dry skin and brittle hair and nails, psoriasis can be caused by insufficient vitamins and/or minerals. Usually, a lack of vitamin A and C is the cause of this condition, causing your skin to itch and turn red.


Foods like apricots, carrots, oranges and kiwis are excellent for getting more of these vitamins. Of course, a vitamin A and/or vitamin C supplement is also a possibility, though it’s almost always better to get your vitamins from a natural source.

5. Increased Desire of Sodium or Salty Foods

Most minerals have a salty composition. This means that when you particularly feel like having salty foods (like potato chips, dry meat and peanuts), it often means your body is screaming for additional minerals.


Moreover, craving salty foods might also mean that there is an inflammation or infection somewhere in your body. Foods like salmon, kale and potatoes are all excellent for giving you that much-needed mineral boost.

6. Cramping, Poor Sleep or Insomnia

These must be some of the most troublesome symptoms on this list. Cramping and a lack of sleep can severely affect your quality of life. These symptoms are usually caused by the lack of 2 minerals: magnesium, a known inhibitor of neuronal activity, and potassium, an important nutrient for brain, heart and muscle health.


Magnesium can be found in green leafy vegetables, legumes and seafood. As for potassium, you can find that in many fresh fruits, like bananas, oranges and apricots.

7. Increased Desire of Raw Foods

An exceptional desire for raw foods like sushi, sashimi and cheese may indicate imbalance within the digestive system. Like with the other cravings, there’s a good reason for your heightened desire for this particular kind of food.


Raw foods are especially good at alleviating conditions like gastroenteritis or cramping. As such, they are usually beneficial to eat when you’re craving for them. Add some leafy vegetables and fruits to the raw foods and you’ve got yourself a great and healthy diet.

8. Bleeding From The Mouth Or Gums

This symptom is mainly caused by 1 of 2 problems: either your oral care is lacking or you take too little vitamin C. Your oral care is quite easy to take care of: brush your teeth regularly and brush them well.


If your vitamin C intake is too low, then some slight changes in your diet will do the trick. Try adding fruits like oranges and kiwis, vegetables and garlic to your diet if you want to increase your vitamin C dose.

9. Increased Desire of Sour Foods and/or Beverages

An increased desire for sour foods and drinks can indicate 2 problems. Firstly, there could be some hormonal changes happening inside your body. This is common, for instance, with pregnant women or those who are going through their period.


Secondly, sour foods stimulate the liver and gall bladder. As such, when you feel like eating a lot of sour food or drinking many sour drinks, it can mean that you have a problem with one or both of these organs.