9 Symptoms Your Body Urgently Needs Help

2. Brittleness of Hair and/or Nails

Like with dry skin, brittle hair and/or nails can indicate a nutrient or vitamin deficiency. Low levels of vitamin B or calcium are usually the cause of the brittleness, causing these areas to scale, dry or crack.


Again, the solution is usually quite simple: try adding more whole grains, legumes or potatoes to your diet, as well as drinking more milk. And, of course, if this proves to difficult, you could also try a vitamin B supplement.

3. Increased Desire/Consumption of Sugary Foods

The craving for sugar, much like any other cravings for unhealthy foods, is usually an indicator of a lack of proper dieting. We know it’s hard, but it’s definitely a craving you should try to suppress as much as possible, as too much sugar can cause diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular problems.


Try eating more leafy greens and eating healthier in general. Drinking water instead of sodas and other sugary drinks also helps.

4. Psoriasis

Much like other skin problems, like the aforementioned dry skin and brittle hair and nails, psoriasis can be caused by insufficient vitamins and/or minerals. Usually, a lack of vitamin A and C is the cause of this condition, causing your skin to itch and turn red.


Foods like apricots, carrots, oranges and kiwis are excellent for getting more of these vitamins. Of course, a vitamin A and/or vitamin C supplement is also a possibility, though it’s almost always better to get your vitamins from a natural source.