8 Ways to Get Rid of Unpleasant Odours in the Kitchen

2. Replace Your Old Sponge or Dishcloth

You clean with your sponge and dishcloth, so you often don’t think that’s where the stench comes from. But it is in fact your sponge and dishcloth that can cause considerable odour. It’s not so illogical: if you wash with a sponge or wipe your sink with your dishcloth, where does all the dirt that you remove from your plate or sink go? That’s right: your dishcloth/sponge. And some people leave these things for months. Yuck!

Wipes and sponges can become food for all kinds of odour-causing bacteria and micro-organisms. That’s why it’s wise to change your sponge and dishcloth regularly, at least every few weeks. You can throw away your old sponge and dishcloth, but if you wash them at 60 degrees, you can use them again. This way you save the environment a little bit and you also have to spend less money!


3. Clean Up Hidden Leftovers

Yo probably do your dishes well and quickly store or throw away your leftovers. But that doesn’t mean there are no leftovers in your kitchen. Often it’s the hidden leftovers that you don’t see very clearly that are lying around longer and can stink a lot. Think for example of small pieces of food that remain in your dishwasher or sink, spilled food or drink or dirt on the bottom of your trash can. It is a good idea to check regularly to see if there are any leftovers and to remove them immediately. This helps against odour and also ensures that you do not get vermin.