8 Ways to Get Rid of Unpleasant Odours in the Kitchen

The kitchen can sometimes smell bad, especially in the summer when it’s hot outside. The most terrible smells spread out of nowhere in your kitchen, often before you know it. You think you’re doing everything right: you clean regularly, you do the dishes neatly and you throw away all expired products. And still your kitchen smells unpleasant. Where does this come from and, more importantly, how on earth do you get rid of it?


Fortunately, you can quickly get rid of unpleasant smells with a few simple interventions without having to hire expensive cleaning services. In this article we will discuss 8 of the most common causes of unpleasant odours in the kitchen and how you can combat them.

1. Lemons

Lemons can be used in many ways when cooking. They can give your meal a little extra sour bite, making it a little less boring. They can also be used to keep fruits fresh for longer: if you squeeze a lemon over some apple segments, the apple segments will not get the brown colour they normally get if you leave them for a couple of hours. But did you know that lemons can also be used to get rid of unpleasant odours?

If you cut your lemon into pieces and rub your trash can with these pieces, the lemon juice will prevent unpleasant odours. The peels are also very easy to use for cleaning. If you freeze the peels with vinegar in an ice cube tray, you will always have cleaning cubes at home. So don’t ever throw away used lemon pieces, because they can still come in handy!