7 Worst Foods if You Suffer From Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, you know that avoiding inflammation is job one. Chronic inflammation is the hallmark of arthritis, and it causes incredible pain. Of course, there’s many ways to reduce your chance of inflammation. You can do certain exercises, and there’s obviously medication and doctors than can help you.


But did you know that your diet can also make a huge difference? Certain foods will inflame your joints in no time, so if you’re suffering from arthritis, it’s best to avoid these foods. If you stay clear from the following 7 foods, you should definitely suffer far less. Read on on the next pages!

Disclaimer: This information is not an alternative to professional medical advice. In case of doubt, find a doctor or, if you are lacking health insurance, you could try a doctor website to find a web doctor or online doctor to chat with a doctor for an online diagnosis.

1. Tobacco

We’re kind of cheating with this one, because tobacco isn’t really a food, but it causes significant damage to your body nonetheless, so we wanted to include it on this list. Though we know it’s very, very hard, if you’re smoking, you really need to quit.


Smokers have a higher risk of developing severe rheumatoid arthritis. It also makes the medicine, probably the best treatment for arthritis pain, less effective. Tobacco damages your joints, connective tissue and bones as long as you use it, but the sooner you stop, the sooner the healing can begin.