7 Symptoms of Lung Cancer You Need to Know

5. Coughing

Now, we understand that not every cough has to be an immediate sign of lung cancer. You should still be wary though.

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If you’re a smoker or an ex-smoker who suddenly develops a cough not related to a cold or any kind of infection, you should see your doctor or physician, as this can be a sign of lung cancer. Be especially careful with coughs that don’t go away or get worse as time passes: they can be a sign of lung cancer.

6. Chest Pain

A fairly large portion of lung cancer patients, around 25 percent, will experience chest pain when they have the disease. The patients often describe it as a dull and persistent ache. It is also said to get worse when the patient laughs, coughs or breathes deeply.


Of course, some kind of injury can also have the same effect, but if you have no injury that you know of and still experience chest pain, it’s advisable you see a doctor.

7. Hemoptysis

Hemoptysis is the medical term for what is more commonly known as coughing up blood. This is one of the most common symptoms of lung cancer and should never, ever be ignored.


Experts have repeatedly emphasised that if you cough up any amount of blood, no matter how small, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.