7 Symptoms of Lung Cancer You Need to Know

2. Hoarseness

Mostly seen as the consequence of a party night or sometimes even just a characteristic of some voices, the cause or hoarseness can also be a lot more grave. If somebody who has never had a hoarse voice suddenly gets one, you should be on your toes.


Much like Pancoast’s Syndrome, lung cancer that has affected the nerves can interfere with and in some cases even paralyze the vocal cords. This can cause these people to experience hoarseness when they speak.

3. Wheezing

Wheezing — a whistling sound made when someone with a constricted airway exhales — is a symptom of many lung conditions. For instance, it’s quite common if people with asthma exert themselves physically. The same can be said for those with the rare vascular ring defect.


However, wheezing can also be seen in lung cancer patients. With this group, this is usually caused by a tumor pressing on the airway.

4. Pain in the shoulder and outside of arm

Pancoast’s Syndrome is a name that is used for a condition that can arise when nerve cells have been invaded by lung cancer. This tumor is relatively rare, with 1 to 3 percent of the lung cancer patients suffering from Pancoast’s Syndrome.


One of the giveaways of this condition is a specific type of shoulder pain that also radiates down the outside of a patient’s arm and his or her armpits.