6 Medical Reasons Not To Drink Orange Juice

Since our childhood, everybody has always told us that orange juice is healthy. People have always told us that the vitamins present in the fruit juice fight off diseases, strengthen your immune system and make you healthier overall.


However, recently orange juice has been shown to be a lot unhealthier than we’ve presumed for the last decades. That’s why recently, doctors and nutritionists have warned that it might be better to cut orange juice out of your diet altogether. Why? Here are 7 reasons not to drink orange juice at all.

Disclaimer: This information is not an alternative to professional medical advice. In case of doubt, find a doctor or, if you are lacking health insurance, you could try a doctor website to find a web doctor or online doctor to chat with a doctor for an online diagnosis.

1. It Damages Your Teeth

Fruits like oranges and lemons contain something called citric acid. Now, this acid is not poisonous, but it can be harmful for your teeth. Citric acid can make your teeth more sensitive and turn them yellowish because the citric acid can spoil the enamel. And even though you might think that you can just brush your teeth after drinking your juice, this is actually the worst thing you can do.


Ever notice that distinct, acidic flavour that you can taste when you brush your teeth right after drinking fruit juice or eating fruit? That is actually the citric acid reacting with your toothpaste. All you’re really doing is spreading the acid all over your mouth. If you’re truly bent on drinking orange juice, the best advice would be to drink it through a straw and rinse your mouth after drinking it.

2. It Causes Heartburn

Did you ever feel heartburn after drinking orange juice in the morning? Probably. And there’s a reason for that. It’s not such a great idea to drink orange juice on an empty stomach. Your body can’t process the fructose in the juice after you’ve not taken anything for so many hours.


If you want to go against the medical advice and still drink orange juice in the morning, then it’s best to do it after you’ve eaten something. This will make the heartburn disappear or at the very least decrease it by a substantial amount.

3. It May Cause Weight Gain

Lots of people think they are doing their bodies a favour by skipping the soda’s and drinking orange juice instead. This is a common misconception. Even though you’re essentially drinking fruit, orange juice contains high levels of fructose and as such can contain more sugar than a coke. What sets apart eating fruits from drinking them is the amount of fibre you take in. Fibre is a very healthy nutrient that reduces hunger and stimulates your digestion.


When you juice oranges, or any fruit for that matter, you lose a lot of fibre in the process. This is why juices are less satiating that actual pieces of fruit. Think about it: you would never think of eating 6 oranges, but that amount easily goes into a glass of juice. So eat your veggies and fruits whenever you can. It’s simply much healthier.

4. It Might Cause Diabetes

Weight gain isn’t the only thing that the sugar in orange juice can cause. This juice might also be related to a dangerous disease: diabetes. This is because high amounts of sugar enter our blood when we drink orange juice, just as if we ate candy or ice cream. Steady sugar levels are crucial to our healthy and if we want to stay healthy, we should avoid very high or low pitches of sugar.


Now obviously, the commercial juices are bad for your healthy because the manufacturers usually add extra sugar to their drinks. But even fresh juice can be bad in this regard, with one glass of fresh juice containing almost 30 grams of sugar, or about 4 sugar cubes.

5. You Can Get Your Vitamins Elsewhere

A lot of people worry about their daily dose of vitamin C if they don’t drink orange juice. This worry is understandable, but also unnecessary. In reality, there are a lot of other sources of vitamin C that are much healthier.


Many products other than oranges, like kiwi’s, broccoli, red peppers and black currant can be an excellent source of vitamin C. You can even contemplate getting a vitamin C supplement if you’re worried about your vitamin intake.

6. You Get Rid of All The Fibre

One of the things that makes eating oranges so healthy is all the fibre that oranges contain. However, that healthy fibre usually lost when pressing orange juice. The pulp that is left behind mostly contains the fibre, so you lose all the fibre while keeping the sugars.


As we’ve already stated, this is why orange juice doesn’t satisfy your hunger nearly as much as eating oranges and why drinking it can make you gain weight while eating oranges is an excellent idea if you’re trying to shed some pounds.