5 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Your Makeup

If you use makeup, you probably never think about using your makeup in any other way. Lipstick goes on your lips, mascara on your eyelashes etc. This is a sort of habit that many people keep holding on to, even if they are more experienced makeup users. But did you know that this is actually a shame? There is almost always more than one way to use a product. Of course there are exceptions, but most makeup can be used in at least two ways! Many beauty brands now offer multitasking beauty products, but you probably already have some makeup that has different uses. This way you ensure that your look is always on point and you don’t have to throw away any of your makeup. Are you curious about the unexpected ways in which you can use all of your makeup products? Then read on!


1. You’ll Never Look at Lip Balms The Same Way

You probably have it hidden somewhere in the bottom of your bag. You occasionally bring it out if you have dry lips, but you never actually use it for the rest. But did you know that you can use your lip balm for much more than just your lips? For an extra shiny look you can put a (very) small amount of shiny balm on the tips of your cheekbones. It has the same effect as a highlighter! You can also use your finger to apply a little balm to your eyelids for the shiny eye look that is really in at the moment!