5 Sleeping Positions and What They Tell You About Your Health

4. On Your Right Side


Sleeping on your right side has many of the same properties as sleeping on your left side. However, there are some disadvantages to sleeping on your right side that make this position a worse choice. First of all, sleeping on your right side causes heartburn. Second of all, it’s also better for your heart to sleep on your left side, because it’s much better for your blood circulation to lie down on your left side. The body has more difficulty pumping the blood when you are lying on your right side, because your body would have to pump the blood ‘uphill’ against the force of gravity. You can read more about it in this article.

5. On Your Stomach


With this position, you could say that we saved the worst for last. In terms of sleeping, there is probably nothing as bad as sleeping on your stomach. You’re putting way too much stress on your spine, usually resulting in back pain and a visit to the chiropractor or physiotherapist. You’ll also keep your neck in a rotated stance for too long, which can cause you to have bad circulation and difficulty breathing. Really, there is only one minor advantage to sleeping on your belly: this posture probably makes you the least likely to snore, which can be great if you have a partner that doesn’t like snoring.