5 Sleeping Positions and What They Tell You About Your Health


There’s a dozen of different ways to sleep. Some people prefer to sleep with a sleep mask, some people sleep with their eyes open. Some people want their room pitch dark, some people don’t mind light. Some people snore loudly, others are completely quiet. This is also true for sleeping positions. There’s many different ways that one can position his body when trying to fall asleep. Some are common, some are less common, some are healthy and some not so much. Here’s the 5 most common sleeping positions and what they can tell you about your health. Read on on the next pages!

1. Fetal Position


The fetal position is said to be the most common, with around 40 percent of people preferring this over the others. Sadly, it’s also the unhealthiest position. Sleeping in the fetal position can cause backaches and even harm your joints. Furthermore, it can also affect your shoulders and your neck. So what to do if you’re one of the many people who like to sleep in this position? Fear not, because there is a solution. Try putting a pillow between the knees like in the picture above. This way, you alleviate the stress on your joints that this position causes. If the back pain remains, try seeing a chiropractor for back pain or a back pain specialist for lower back pain treatment.