29 Emotional Pictures of Children During The Second World War

War is already terrible, but it gets much worse when children get involved, too. Still, this happened on a large scale in the Second World War. Countless children were influenced by the horrors that were committed during the Second World War.

Source: Watford/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Children ended up in concentration camps, lost their homes or suffered by the hands of the Nazi’s in another way. On the next pages you will find 29 moving photo’s of these ‘Second World War children’.

1. Despair

After the bombardments in England in 1940, many houses were naturally destroyed. So was the house of the little girl that’s on this picture.

Source: Fox Photos/Getty Images

She’s holding on tightly to her doll, one of the few things that wasn’t destroyed. Her face shows an expression of despair.

2. ‘Toys’

After the end of the Second World War, not much was left of the once beautiful Berlin. Things like playgrounds and football fields were mostly destroyed as well.

Source: Fred Ramage/Getty Images

That’s why the children decided to use other ‘toys’. Here we see a number of children in the German capital using a tank as a sort of playset.

3. Auschwitz Survivors

The estimates differ, but one thing is for sure: a lot of people died in Auschwitz. However, there are a few lucky survivors who lived to tell the tale of their deportation and life in a concentration camp.

Source: Alexander Vorontsov/Galerie Bilderwelt/Getty Images

On the picture above, we see a group of children on the day that the camp in the south of Poland was liberated by the Red Army in 1945.

4. Out of School With Gas Masks

Source: Parker/Fox Photos/Getty Images

The children had to be prepared for everything that could happen during the war, too. Here we see a school in Kingston, Greater London carrying out a practice evacuation. They are wearing gas masks, because the exercise involved tear gas.

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