17 Genius Ways to Use Cleaning Agent Around Your House

11. Making an Ice Pack

You can simply buy an ice pack in the store, but that is not particularly useful if you need an ice pack quickly or you cannot go to the supermarket because of your injury. Fortunately, they are also easy to make with the help of cleaning agent. For this, pour 1 part disinfectant and 3 parts water into a freezer bag and freeze this mixture. Once it’s frozen, you can take it out of the freezer and use it to relieve your pain.

12. Skin Irritation of Poison Ivy

Exposure to Poison Ivy or another plant that irritates the skin may cause symptoms such as severe itching and red skin. Very annoying of course, but luckily a little disinfectant can help in such a situation. Pour a dash of the disinfectant over the itchy or red area and let it absorb well. After a while you will notice that the redness disappears and the spot stops itching. If this is not the case, it is probably best to visit the doctor.

13. Cleaning Your Toilet

Cleaning the toilet bowl cannot be done with disinfectant. For this you will need to use bleach or cleaning vinegar. But what many people forget when cleaning the toilet is the seat. This therefore remains dirty, while the pot itself is completely clean. To clean this, a little bit of cleaning agent is all you need. Simply spray a small amount of disinfectant on the seat and wipe it with a clean cloth. This kills the bacteria on the seat. Wipe the glasses well before you sit down again, because the disinfectant can sting if you have wounds.


14. Remedy Nasal Congestion

A blocked nose can be remedied with nasal spray, but due to the bactericidal, disinfecting and calming effect, cleaning agent is also an excellent remedy for a blocked nose. To do this, take a cloth, wet it in warm water, and then add some disinfectant. If you then hold this cloth against your nose and then breathe through your nose, it will help against the stuffy nose because the bacteria in your nose will be killed.