17 Genius Ways to Use Cleaning Agent Around Your House

3. Cleaning Jewellery

As you wear your silver necklace for longer, it will discolour and black spots will appear. That’s why it doesn’t look nearly as good as when you first got it. Fortunately this can be fixed very easily. Soak the discolored jewellery in detergent for a few minutes. Then wipe them clean with a cloth. You will see that all the black spots have disappeared and that your jewellery looks as good as new.


4. Killing Bed Bugs

There are all kinds of pests and nasty insects, but one of the most annoying insects must be bed bugs. These little creatures hide, as the name suggests, in your bed and bite you in your sleep. According to research, this does not cause any diseases, but the bites of bed bugs itch terribly. Fortunately, these irritating critters are easy to kill with cleaning detergent. Spray a few times over your mattress, or wherever the bugs are located. Allow the mist to dry and then vacuum it up with the vacuum cleaner.

5. Remove Unpleasant Odors

There are always a few items in the house that can stink. For example, think of your sneakers or the trash. These odors are easy to deal with with cleaning agent. Simply spray the smelly object with some isopropyl and then dry it in a place with lots of sun. The odor of these smelly objects is caused by bacteria and the disinfectant kills these bacteria, causing the unpleasant odors to disappear.

6. Cleaning Permanent Marker

Oops! You accidentally used a permanent marker to write on a whiteboard. What now? Many people panic enormously when this scenario occurs, especially if they put a drawing or message on the board that not everyone is allowed to see. But with disinfectant this problem is quickly solved. Grab a sponge, moisten it (it shouldn’t be soaked, so keep it under the tap and then squeeze it out) and then put a little splash of detergent on the sponge. Then rub the sponge on the permanent marker on the board. You will see it disappear like snow in the sun!