17 Genius Ways to Use Cleaning Agent Around Your House

Cleaning agent can be used around the house in all sorts of different ways. It is an environmentally friendly and versatile cleaning product that can be used in various ways to clean various things in your home. Mixed with other household items, it can even be used as an air freshener or degreaser. In this article you will read 17 of those ingenious ways in which you can use cleaning agent (the one shown in the picture below is the one you should use) to clean around the house. Read on!


1. Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is for sale in almost every drug store or supermarket, but just because you can buy it in the store doesn’t mean there are no better alternatives. Almost all nail polish removers that are on the shelves often contain the substance acetone. This substance removes your nail polish very well, but it can also damage your nails. In addition, you can also get sick from the fumes from the acetone. A possible alternative is therefore cleaning agent. We will honestly admit that removing nail polish with disinfectant is not as fast as with nail polish remover, but it will not make you sick and your nails will be less damaged.

2. Air Freshener

Air fresheners are also for sale in the supermarket, but the question is whether these air fresheners are good for you. They are often full of all kinds of chemical substances that are not good for your health. That is why you’d be much better off making your own air freshener. And this is very easy! Mix 1 cup of cleaning agent with 10 to 15 drops of essential oil. The oils are available in all kinds of scents such as lavender, citrus and eucalyptus. Put the mixture in a spray can and you have your own cheap and environmentally friendly air freshener!