13 Unbelievable Old Photos From The Wild West – #11 Is Amazing

The age of the Wild West was an incredibly interesting time period in the history of the United States. A lot happened during this time, but there were very few ways to capture all the events. In the 19th century, photography was just starting to get more attention, so photo’s of that time period are rare. But they do exist!

That’s why we have collected the 13 most beautiful and unbelievable photo’s from the old Wild West. Do you want to see them all? Then quickly look at the next pages!

1. Working Hard

The Wild West was an interesting time period, but it was by no means easy. The whole country had to be built from scratch and that didn’t happen by itself. Certain inhabitants worked day and night to put something nice together.

Here, for instance, we see people working at the McDonald Brickyard in the town of Round Pond in Oakland. They’re building, which is a physically demanding, but very important task.

2. Billy Brooks

You couldn’t get around carrying a gun in the Wild West. It was the only way to know for certain that both you and your family were safe. But there were also people who took it a step too far.

An example of such a man is Billy Brooks. Brooks was an infamous gunfighter. He used to be a policeman in Kansas, but turned into a thief and criminal later. He was hanged in 1874.