13 Incredible Historical Photos They Didn’t Show You in School

5. James Naismith, The Inventor of Basketball, and His Wife

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, even though it was invented decades after the first games of football and tennis were played. The inventor, James Naismith, invented the game in 1891.


The picture above depicts him working on developing the sport when it was still a mere concept, with his wife throwing a ball in a basket at a small distance. Basketball would later become an olympic sport and the professional basketball league, the NBA, would grow to become one of the biggest sports competitions in the world.

6. A Boy Watches Television For The First Time

Nowadays, people are extremely used to watching tv. However, less than a century, this wasn’t the case.


On the photo above, we see a young boy in the 1940’s who’s completely mesmerised by his first look at a television. At the time, these devices were really special. Now, less than 80 years later, basically every household owns a tv and it’s not uncommon to have more than one at home.

7. King George VI in 1938

King George VI is most famous for his stammer, which was a central part of the 2010 movie The King’s Speech. This might seem like an imperfection, but this was actually one of the things that made him especially loved as a king.

He was imperfect, but this is what humanised him. Moreover, he wasn’t afraid to show his quirky side from time to time, as is shown in the picture above.