13 Incredible Historical Photos They Didn’t Show You in School

History has always been fascinating. Looking back at how seemingly small events changed the world, like Martin Luther King’s speech or the fall of the Berlin wall can be really strange and yet kind of wonderful at the same time. Of course, we all got taught history in school, so many of these events have already been covered in detail.


However, there are some events that, in our opinion, haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. On the next pages you will find 13 photos of such events that your teachers didn’t show you in school. Read on!

1. The Capsizing of The Transatlantic Liner SS Normandy on February 9, 1942, On Pier 88 in New York


Three years after its launch, the SS Normandy finally entered commercial service. At the time it was the largest liner in the world. Its maiden voyage was surrounded by great prestige, and after 1936, the liner began a career under the sign of luxury. However, this life was interrupted by World War II and the ship remained docked in the port of New York until 1941, when it was requisitioned by the United States. It was then renamed to the USS Lafayette and was transformed into a troop carrier. However, a year later the boat met its end: a fire broke out during work and the water used by firefighters made the ship capsize.