11 Shower Mistakes Almost Everybody Makes

10. Wash Your Towels Regularly

Most people will understand that they have to wash their towels. But how often? That is not entirely clear to some people. Some use their towels 6 or 7 times before washing them. That is too often. It is best to wash your towels after using them 3 or 4 times. Otherwise, all kinds of mold, yeast and bacteria can form on the towels. This is because the warm, humid environment is an extremely good environment for bacteria and fungi.


Exactly how often you have to wash your towel also depends on other circumstances. For example, do you hang your towels or throw them on the floor? If you throw them on the floor, they will not dry completely, so they have to be washed sooner. And if you are sick, it might be smart to wash your towel every day to make sure that all the bacteria are washed away again.

11. Do Not Use Body Wash On Your Face

We understand that sometimes for ease of use you also use your body wash for your face, but although it may be convenient, it is not good for your skin. Body wash is not made for your face and the soap is very different from the soap that is intended for your face. Your facial skin is thinner than the skin in other parts of the body. Therefore, using body wash on your face can change the pH value of your skin and affect the protective oils of your skin. This makes your skin dry, irritated and perhaps even red. Therefore, use a special facial cleanser that is specially made for sensitive facial skin.