11 Shower Mistakes Almost Everybody Makes

6. Turn Down The Temperature

We get it: a nice, warm, long shower is wonderful. The heat often gives you the feeling that you can relax. But although it may feel nice, it is not good for your skin. Hot water washes literally all natural oils from your body. Do you know that itchy feeling you have when you have been under a hot shower for a long time? That is because you have washed away the oils that normally protect your skin. That can cause dry skin and itching.


Unfortunately, the problem gets worse as you get older. The skin becomes thinner and therefore becomes more sensitive to hot water. Moreover, the protection of the aforementioned oils becomes more important because the skin becomes thinner. If you shower too hot, try lowering your temperature. If you find it too cold and you cannot get used to the lower temperature, try to limit the time you spend in the hot shower.

7. Wash Your Washcloths

Many people wash themselves with a washcloth. There is nothing wrong with that in itself. But ask yourself: when did I last wash my washcloth? If the answer is something like ‘a few weeks ago’, then you should probably take action. Dead skin cells can stick to washcloths and sponges. This allows the bacteria to multiply and your washcloth gradually becomes a true gathering place for bacteria. The aim should therefore be to wash your washcloths and sponges at least once every few weeks. These can simply be washed along with the towels at 60 degrees. When in doubt, it is best to replace them.