11 Shower Mistakes Almost Everybody Makes

4. You Don’t Have To Shower Every Day

You might think that more showering makes you cleaner, but although this is a logical thought, it is not correct. Dr. Elaine Larson, an expert in the field of infectious diseases, claims that you can get ill from showering every day. Showering too often dries the skin by removing natural oils from the skin and thus bacteria can easily nestle in the resulting cracks in the skin. To make sure you don’t get sick, washing your hands is usually enough, says Larson.

“I think most people wash too often,” says Dr. C. Brandon Mitchell, a professor of dermatology, to Time magazine. “Your body is a naturally well-oiled machine. A daily shower is not necessary”. If you still want to shower daily, wash your armpits and groins, but just rinse the rest. Too much soap will cause your skin to dry out.


5. Don’t Clean Yourself Too Much

Many people strive for ‘spotless’. This is good when you are mopping your floor, but bad when you are washing your body. Washing your skin too much is bad for you. It can lead to dry, red, scaly and rough skin. Too much washing also removes the protective oils from your skin. That is why you should not wash your face or the rest of your body too much. If you think that you are doing this, clean yourself in a shorter time and less thoroughly and also check whether your soap is good for your skin: a pH-neutral soap is generally a lot better for your skin than other types of soap.