11 Shower Mistakes Almost Everybody Makes

2. Don’t Rub Yourself Dry

Do you dry your body too hard? If you could describe your drying ritual as “rubbing yourself dry”, then the answer to that question is probably ‘yes’. You should not rub your body dry, but rather pat it dry softly. If you rub dry quickly, your skin may become irritated and dry out.


When getting out of the shower, do not scrub, rub, or wipe yourself dry. Use a towel to gently pat or pat your body dry. Doing this will keep your skin slightly moist and will not irritate your skin. This ensures that your skin stays healthy and that there are no unevenness and nasty spots. The same applies to your hair; if you dry your hair too quickly, certain less strong parts of the hair may break off.

3. Do Not Stay In The Shower Too Long

Few things are more relaxing than a nice long and hot shower. But the longer the shower lasts, the more your skin starts to suffer. That’s because the cells that protect your skin, the keratinocytes, are the same ones that produce the oil of your skin. Although it is good to wash away some of this oil because it contains a lot of bacteria, washing it for too long will irritate your skin, causing you to itch and make your skin feel dry.

But then of course, one question remains: how long is too long for a shower? Dermatologists tell Insider that an ideal shower takes between 5 and 15 minutes. In general, the longer you shower, the more damage your skin can sustain. So keep it short, no matter how difficult it is sometimes to get out of that wonderful shower.