11 Secret Photo’s From North Korea – #8 Is Truly Bizarre

North Korea is without doubt one of the strangest countries in the world. It is the last true dictatorship still alive and in any case the most closed off country in the world. The inhabitants can’t leave without permission and tourists have to abide by strict rules, too. For instance, they have to have a guide with them at all times and they can’t just take photo’s of everything.

Source: Wikimedia Commons via Cheongwadae / Blue House

Still, some people manage to capture images of the ‘true’ North Korea and ‘smuggle’ these pictures abroad. This of course paints a unique and shocking image of the communistic country. On the following pages you will find 11 secret photo’s of North Korea.

1. Natural Disaster

North Korea is, like many other Asian countries, no stranger to natural disasters. However, that is not something we hear a lot of, because North Korea is so closed off. It is in the regime’s best interests to show how well the country is doing.

Source: Damir Sagolj/Reuters

Still, there are enough natural disasters in the country that have rather dire consequences. For instance, this image shows the damage done by floods and typhoons on a farm in the province South Hwanghae.

2. Child Labour

Sadly, the life of the average North Korean child is far less carefree than the lives of the children here. Because of the extreme hunger and widespread poverty, many parents choose to let their children work the land.

Source: Damir Sagolj/Reuters

Especially in rural areas, like the picture shown above, many children have to do labour at a very young age. Forced labour is one of the biggest drivers of the economy of the penniless country, anyway.