11 Possible Signs of Cancer You Might Overlook

7. Lumps That Aren’t Painful

We’ve already talked about some lumps that can possibly be cancerous, but most of them have a very distinct feature: they aren’t painful, especially when they are in the breast. They usually feel very hard, but they often don’t really hurt all that much.


However, just because they don’t hurt doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action. These lumps can become deeply embedded in the soft tissue under the skin. As we’ve already stated, some lumps are benign, but always check with your doctor when you are having doubts.

8. Nagging Coughs and Hoarseness

Now obviously, not every cough means you’re suffering from cancer. That should be clear. Pretty harmless diseases, like the flu and even the common cold, are known to give you coughs too.


However, when the cough isn’t related to any other illnesses and you seem to have caught it out of nowhere, you might want to get it checked out by a medical professional. This is especially true when you’re coughing up blood, as this can be a warning sign for thyroid an laryngeal cancer.

Some ailments that can seem innocent can actually be warning signs that you’re suffering from cancer. Want to know more? Read on!