11 Possible Signs of Cancer You Might Overlook

5. Changes in Bladder and Bowel Habits

This is one of the most obvious warning signs your body can give you if you’re suffering from colon cancer. If you suffer from diarrhea, changes to stool size or constipation, you should consider seeing a doctor.


Bladder and prostate cancer can sometimes cause blood in your urine, pain when you’re peeing and changes in bladder function. It can be a urinary tract infection as well, so it doesn’t have to be cancer, but you should visit a doctor anyway.

6. Skin Changes


One of the most common forms of cancer, skin cancer can be difficult to spot in the early stages despite its ubiquity. However, there are ways to tell the disease. If you have certain spots on your skin, like moles, warts or freckles, that change in size, shape or color, or if a spot like that loses its sharp border, watch out. You should immediately get this checked for all forms of skin cancer. Also, there are other cancers other than skin cancer that can cause changes in your skin. Also be on the lookout for symptoms like itching, bleeding and darker yellowish or reddish skin.